What We Do

We strive to provide equipment, gear, and sponsorship to children in youth athletics who otherwise cannot afford it.



Here’s what I know…

“LoveLife.” is a non-profit organization committed to inspiring people to love and appreciate one another unconditionally. We seek to pursue the “LoveLife.” mindset by instilling core values into children from a young age; notably by the influence of athletics and role models in their lives. The “LoveLife.” mindset encourages people to find the positive in each day from the moment they wake up until the time they go to bed. Through athletics, the hope and goal of this non-profit organization is to raise funds for individuals who otherwise cannot afford to play sports and/or buy equipment for those less fortunate so they have the same opportunities as the children around them that they attend school or play in the neighborhood with on a daily basis.


Because we all have to have something to strive for…

The goal of “LoveLife.” is to create an environment where children do not discriminate against one another and there is no difference between the wealthy kids and the kids that are less fortunate. I was lucky enough to grow up in an environment where I was surrounded by awesome coaches who became my role models. To this day, I still keep in touch with them and remember lessons they taught me and things they said and it continues to guide me on a daily basis. The world is a harsh place and ultimately, the underlying goal of “LoveLife.” is exactly that; to teach kids to “LoveLife.”; to appreciate each other, no matter their socioeconomic status or race. We are at a crossroads right now with things going on in the world and it is more important than ever for kids, starting at a young age, to have a strong sense of who they are and what they want to be. This is something that should never waver, and it is important to be surrounded by people who truly want the best for you and for your growth starting early!

Ultimately, the goal of “LoveLife.” is to provide kids with an opportunity to be surrounded by role models and positive influences in their life through the avenue of youth athletics. Initially, “LoveLife.” is providing equipment to youth associations who need a little bit of extra help but the ultimate goal, on top of continuing to do that, is to eventually sponsor a “player” and eventually an entire “team.” In doing so, these kids and their families will not have the financial burden that comes with playing sports, often year around, or the stress of trying to figure out how to pay for their kids to travel all around the state of Virginia (or the country) to participate in travel tournaments.

Core Values

It’s important to know what’s expected…


Many times, we think we can do things on our own. However, much more is accomplished when you realize that working together, as a team, can get you much farther in life. It’s a hard pill to swallow but none of us are the smartest individuals in the world, the fastest, or the strongest. However, by working together, you can be! It’s important to realize every individuals attributes and what they bring to the table and encourage them to shine in their very own light. When each person shines in their own way, it makes the world (and the team) a brighter place!


Who ever got far by giving up? Nowadays, kids are coddled and enabled more than any other time in history. Kids get trophies for finishing in second, third, or tenth place, but who does that help? Winning isn’t everything; however, being rewarded even when you may not try your hardest isn’t something that should be applauded. Perseverance is a core value because it is important to teach kids that when the tough gets going, you must keep going. You will not get far in this world if you roll over and quit and it is important to teach kids, from an early age, to continue to strive. Failure is inevitable, the key here is to see how they bounce back and respond from it. As far as the “LoveLife.” organization goes, this is one of the main focal points. Role models and mentors in this situation must see to it that kids don’t cut corners, don’t get easy breaks, and it is up to us, as mentors, to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle adversity that they will face not just on the playing field or court, but in life!


There is a lot to be said about appreciation; namely, there needs to be more of it. This is a core value because the goal is to instill in kids that effort is important. It takes effort, commitment, and responsibility for their coaches and parents to show up during weekdays and weekends to support them and coach them. This extends far past the playing field.┬áCapture each moment, but appreciate each breath” is something that rings very true within “LoveLife.” Kids should be reminded regularly on what it takes to put out the effort that comes with being a coach, parent, teacher, or first responder. These individuals are there for them everyday and wake up with the hope of changing their life and being there to help them when they are in danger. It is important to teach kids to practice manners, appreciation, and understanding on a daily basis.


Not every kid is going to be the best at what they do but the point that needs to be driven home to them is that they are doing it! Too often, kids are bullied for things often out of their control. In the world of social media, kids often focus in on the worst part of themselves instead of realizing how wonderful they truly are and the greatness they have to offer. This is a core value, and one of the most important, because it is up to us (mentors/coaches/role models) to teach each and every kid to love themselves – to include all their flaws, shortcomings, and differences because after all, that’s what makes them one of a kind! None of us are perfect and it is important that they realize you don’t need to be to succeed.