Who I Am

I’m on a mission to connect your passion to those who need it and can benefit from it the most!


Megan L. Kirkland

Founder of LoveLife.

Megan’s favorite things consist of sports (whether watching or playing), family, working out, music, photography, and writing! Megan’s favorite things to do are hanging out with friends, family, and playing with her dog, Rudy. She has an intense passion for life, and her biggest pet peeve is when people wake up not appreciating each day and each breath they take. She’s on a mission to help those less fortunate than others and has a burning desire to get children hooked up with good role models in their lives so they have someone positive to emulate and listen to in the same manner that she did. She sees sports as an avenue for growth, leadership development, teamwork, and to help kids face, and overcome, adversity. Her dream is to help kids relate to others that may be totally different than they are, and align them with positive influences in their lives! Ultimately, she wants people to “capture each moment, but appreciate each and every breath!”